12th Fail movie review and download link

12th Fail movie review Vikrant Massey- starrer cleaves near to ground reality, with characters that makes you feel that they ’ve wandered off the road, tattling out life- assignments laced with clumps of alleviation

12th Fail movie

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The first thing that strikes you as soon as ‘ 12th Fail ‘ opens is just how unlike a Vidhu Vinod Chopra film it is. Neither a lyrical gangbanger film, nor a crime suspenser, nor a period film, it’s the straight-forward story of a 12th fail pupil, who through hole of sheer perseverance, and a noway – say- die station, goes on to crack the UPSC examination, and come an IPSofficer.However, I would have allowed
that it was a Rajkumar Hirani film, but also I ’m sure he’d have called it ‘ 12th Pass ’, If I did n’t know more.

No spoilers then, because the plot is grounded on the real- life story of Mohan Kumar Sharma, a best- dealing book written by Ashok Pathak. In terms of distance, Mohan’s trip from the outdoors of the Chambal to the Capital’s UPSC structure, may not have been too long. But in every other respect, these two places could be on different globes just the study of a ‘ Hindi medium ’ youthful man from such a humble background, who attends a ‘ academy ’ where the preceptors ‘ help ’ their wards to pass examinations, makes you blink in unbelief. Just how did the lad, with so little plutocrat and zero worldly knowledge, pull it off?

Motivational movies are a genre that aims to inspire and uplift viewers by showcasing the triumph of the human spirit, determination, and perseverance. These films often depict real-life stories of individuals overcoming challenges, achieving their goals, or making a positive impact on others. Here are a few elements commonly found in motivational movies:

  1. Underdog Stories: Many motivational films feature protagonists who start from a disadvantaged position. Facing obstacles or societal norms that seem insurmountable. The journey of the underdog, who defies the odds to succeed, resonates strongly with audiences.
  2. Triumph Over Adversity: Motivational movies often focus on characters who face significant adversity. Be it personal struggles, health challenges, or societal pressures. The narrative typically revolves around how these characters navigate these challenges and emerge stronger on the other side.
  3. Inspiring Role Models: These movies often highlight real or fictional characters who serve as role models. Whether it’s a successful entrepreneur, an athlete, or a social activist. The central figures in motivational films inspire viewers to strive for greatness and believe in their own potential.
  4. Transformation and Growth: A common theme in motivational movies is the transformation and personal growth of the characters. The journey involves overcoming self-doubt, learning from failures, and developing resilience.
  5. Positive Messages: Motivational films convey positive and empowering messages. They encourage viewers to pursue their dreams, work hard, believe in themselves. And maintain a positive outlook even in the face of challenges.
  6. Real-Life Inspirations: Many motivational movies are based on true stories, providing authenticity and relatability. Real-life success stories often resonate more deeply with audiences, as they demonstrate that extraordinary achievements are possible for ordinary individuals.

Some notable examples of motivational movies include. “The Pursuit of Happyness,” based on the life of Chris Gardner; “Rocky,” showcasing an underdog boxer’s journey. “The Blind Side,” depicting the true story of NFL player Michael Oher. These films use storytelling and powerful performances to motivate and leave a lasting impact on viewers, encouraging them to pursue their aspirations with passion and resilience.

12th Fail movie review and download link

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