JU admission circular 2024

JU Admission 2023-24

JU Application Start: 9 May 2024 Application Deadline: 31 May 2024 Admission Website: https://juniv-admission.org/ Admission Test Date: 18 June to 22 June 2024

Admission Requirements

To apply for Jahangirnagar University, you need to meet certain criteria. Then what you need to know

  • Educational Background
  • You must have completed your secondary or original examination in 2020 or latterly.
  • You also need to have passed your advanced secondary or original examination in 2022 or 2023.
  • O Level and A-Level Candidates:
  • still, you ’re eligible to apply, If you ’ve completed O- position and A-Level examinations until or after GCE 2018.
  • For O- position, you should have passed at least 5 subjects, with at least 4 subjects having a “ B ” grade and 3 subjects having a minimal “ C ” grade.
  • In A-Level, a minimum of 2 subjects is needed, with the same grading criteria as O- position.

GPA Calculation: The total GPA is calculated, including the 4th subject of both the Secondary/ fellow and Advanced Secondary/ Original examinations.

Application to Any Unit
still, you can apply to any unit, If you meet the necessary qualifications.

  • Unit-Specific Conditions
  • Each unit( A to H) has specific conditions related to HSC and SSC results. Then are the minimal conditions for some units
  • A-Unit( Mathematics and Physics) Minimum3.50 each in HSC and SSC.
  • B- Unit( Social Science) Minimum3.50 each in HSC and SSC.
  • C- Unit( trades and Humanities) minimal3.00 each in HSC and SSC.
  • D- Unit( Biology) Minimum3.50 each in HSC and SSC.
  • E-Unit( Business Studies) minimal3.50 each in HSC and SSC.
  • F- Unit( Law) Minimum3.00 each in HSC and SSC.
  • G- Unit( IBA- J) minimal3.50 each in HSC and SSC.
  • H- Unit( IIT) minimal3.50 each in HSC and SSC.

For detailed marks distribution and fresh information, please relate to the Admission Notice handed by the university.

How to Apply for Jahangirnagar University Admission

Applying for Jahangirnagar University admission is now easy and done online. Follow these simple way

Step 1: application Form

  • Visit https//www.ju-admission.org to fill out the operation form
  • Fill out the online operation form.
  • After completing the form, you’ll get a bill number for the operation figure.

Step 2: Payment

  • Pay the operation figure through DBBL Mobile Banking.
  • telephone * 322# from your Rocket Account.
  • Choose payment, also bill pay.
  • Enter Biller ID 343 for Jahangirnagar University.
  • Input the bill number, quantum, and your Leg number to complete the payment.
  • Keep the Transaction ID( Txnid) for the coming step.

To pay for JU Admission using bKash

  • Type your bKash account number on the screen and agree to the terms by pressing “ CONFIRM. ”
  • bKash will shoot a law to your account via SMS. Enter this law on the payment screen.
  • Complete the payment using your bKashPIN.However, you ’ll get a evidence SMS, If successful. Download the payment damage from “ Profile ” under “ Payslip. ” Flash back, this isn’t an admission card, just a receipt.

  • To pay using Rocket
  • Enter your Rocket account number and Leg on the screen, also press “ SUBMIT. ”
  • Rocket will shoot a security law via SMS. Enter this law on the payment screen and press “ GO. ”
  • still, you ’ll get a evidence SMS, If the payment is successful. Download the payment slip from “ Profile ” under “ Payslip. ” This payslip isn’t an admission card, just evidence of payment.

Step 3: Upload print and hand

  • Upload a color snap( 300 × 300 pixels) and hand( 300 × 80 pixels) within 100 KB.
  • Use the bill number and sale ID( Txn id) attained during payment.
  • Collect your admission test admit card.
  • Important Points to Flash back
  • The operation process is now online, unlike the former Teletalk SMS system.
  • Make sure your print and hand meet the specified conditions.
  • Visitjuniv-admission.org to fill out the operation form.
  • publish out the operation form and note down the Biller ID.
  • Payment is completed via DBBL Mobile Banking.

JU Admission Form 2023-24

Jahangirnagar University Admit Card 2024

Jahangirnagar University has released the Admit Card for the time 2024. To get your admit card, you need to pay for the unit you applied to, and also you can incontinently download it. Make sure to do this between June 9, 2024, and the date of the admission test. Before downloading, upload your print. You can find the admit cards on the admissions website,juniv-admission.org. Flash back, you wo n’t be suitable to download the admit card without uploading your printfirst.However, you can directly download the admit card, If your print is formerly uploaded. Also, check out the Seat Plan for all units that has been published by Jahangirnagar University.

How to Download your JU Admit Card 2024

To get your Jahangirnagar University( JU) Admit Card 2024 for Units A, B, C, D, and E, just follow these simple way

  • Make sure you have a color snap( 300 × 300 pixels) and a hand( 300 × 80 pixels) ready, both within 100 KB.
  • Go to https//juniv-admission.org/ and click on the “ Admit Card ” menu.
  • Log in using your mobile number and word.
  • still, upload your set print and hand, If you have n’t formerly.
  • Once you ’ve uploaded everything, download your admit card. Flash back to print it out in color.
  • Important Note
  • Download a separate admit card for each unit( A, B, C, D, E).
  • You wo n’t be allowed in the test hall without your admit card.
  • Check the JU admission admit card 2024 for test instructions.

Jahangirnagar University Admission Test Schedule 2024

Jahangirnagar University has participated the plan for its admission test in the 2023- 24 academy time. This schedule includes details like the date, day, shift, roll number, and time for each unit. The examinations will be from June 16 to June 24, 2024. You can find further details by downloading the pdf below.

Mark Distributions

campaigners will be assessed out of a aggregate of 100 marks. The evaluation consists of two corridor 80 marks for the admission test and 20 marks for SSC and HSC results.

  • 80 Marks( Admission Test)
  • The admission test is worth 80 marks, with each question valued at 1 mark. scholars will have 55 twinkles to answer all questions, and an fresh 5 twinkles are reserved for passing the OMR distance. For every wrong answer,0.20 marks will be subtracted. The passing mark is 27 out of 80.
  • 20 Marks( SSC & HSC GPA)
  • The 20 marks for SSC and HSC results are calculated using the formula( HSC GPA x2.5)( SSC GPA x1.5) = 20.

Seat Plan

Jahangirnagar University has participated the Seat Plan for 2024, and it’s easy to check! Just follow these way

  • Visit the Admission website atjuniv-admission.org.
  • Click on the Seat Plan Menu.
  • Enter your Admission Roll Number.
  • Press the “ View Seat Plan ” button.

That’s it! You can also get a announcement about your seat plan via SMS. Just use the mobile number you handed in your operation. Easy, right?

Seat Distribution

At Jahangirnagar University, the admission test process is resolve into 10 units, each representing a specific faculty and area of study. These units are labeled A, B, C, C1, D, E, F, G, H, and I. The admission tests for each unit take place at different times, and the types of questions and test systems vary from one unit to another. also, the conditions for sharing in the admission test differ from unit to unit.
For the comfort of scholars, each unit at Jahangirnagar University has separate seats designated for manly and womanish scholars. Below, we give a breakdown of the seat distribution for each unit.

Unit NameMaleFemaleTotal Seats

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