GST Admission Circular 2024

GST Admission 2023- 24

Online Application Begins April 18, 2024
Last Date to Apply April 30, 2024
Admission Test Dates May 20, May 27, and June 3, 2024

গুচ্ছভুক্ত বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়গুলিতে ভর্তির তথ্য নির্বাচনের পরে ঘোষণা করা হবে। এই নিবন্ধটি গত বছরের ভর্তির চিঠির উপর ভিত্তি করে। 2023-24 শিক্ষাবর্ষের জন্য ভর্তির চিঠি প্রকাশ বা সময়সীমা ঘোষণা করার সাথে সাথে সমস্ত তথ্য এবং তারিখ আপডেট করা হবে।

Universities Integrated Admission System

The Universities Integrated Admission System will include 22 universities for the 2023- 2024 academic times. Among these, 9 are general universities, and 11 are Universities of Science and Technology. There will be three admission tests for all the universities one for wisdom, one for humanities, and one for business studies.

The admission tests will be at all university premises , meaning each university will have its test center. scholars can choose a accessible center for their admission test.

In the General Universities

  • Jagannath University
  • Comilla University
  • Barisal University
  • Islamic University
  • Khulna University
  • Begum Rokeya University
  • Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University
  • Sheikh Hasina University
  • Rabindra University Bangladesh

In the Universities of Science and Technology University

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology( SUST)
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology( BSMRSTU)
Noakhali University of Science and Technology( NSTU)
Haji Mohammad Danesh University of Science and Technology( HSTU)
Maulana Bhasani University of Science and Technology( MBSTU)
Jessore University of Science and Technology( JUST)
Pabna University of Science and Technology( PUST)
Patuakhali Science and Engineering University
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Digital University
Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Science and University of Technology
Rangamati University of Science and Technology
Chandpur University of Science and Technology

In the admission test, scholars wo n’t pass or fail; rather, they will admit a score. Universities will consider these scores for admissions, and no fresh admission test will be needed. After the test, each university will issue separate admission notices, and scholars can apply to their chosen universities grounded on their scores.

GST Admission Test Date and Schedule 2024

The GST Admission test is for 22 universities, and it’ll be over three days. It starts on May 20, 2024, and ends on June 3, 2024. There’s an redundant day just incase.However, the GST test for intertwined universities will be on the coming date, If any other university has its admission test on that day. There will be three admission tests for wisdom, humanities, and commerce groups. Then’s the schedule

A Unit( Science)
Admission Test Date June 3, 2024( Saturday)
Time 1200 pm to 100 pm
B Unit( Humanities)
Admission Test Date May 20, 2024( Saturday)
Time 1200 pm to 100 pm
C Unit( Business Studies)
Admission Test Date May 27, 2024( Saturday)
Time 1200 pm to 100 pm

GST Eligibility/ Qualification

Still, you can try applying for university admission through the GST Admission Test, If you finished your HSC examinations in 2023 or 2022. This test allows scholars to apply for the alternate time if they want.

Once the test results are out, the universities will decide if they want to accept scholars who applied for the alternate time.

To apply for the GST Admission Test, you need at least a GPA of8.00 for the Science group,7.50 for the Business Studies( Commerce) group, and7.00 for the Humanities group. But flash back , you must have a minimal GPA of3.00 in both SSC and HSC situations.

GST Admission Form for the 2023- 2024

How to Apply Online for GST University Admission

Applying for GST universities is now much easier than ahead when you had to apply independently for each university. In GST admission, a common platform is used to make the operation process simpler.

Then are the way you might need to follow to apply for GST university admission

  • Visit the sanctioned GST admission website or follow the directions in the indirect.
  • Click on the “ Apply ” button to start your operation.
  • Fill in all the required information directly to qualify for the admission test.
  • Upload your picture and hand as instructed.
  • Choose 5 centers where you want to take the admission test.
  • Double- check all the information, and if everything is correct, click on the “ Submit ” button.

After submitting, you ’ll see a exercise of your operation with your print and hand. Download and save it for future reference. Please note that the specific operation process details may vary, so be sure to follow the instructions handed in the sanctioned GST admission indirect once it’s published.

Payment Instruction
After you apply online, you have to pay the operation figure within 72 hours, or your operation won’t be accepted. Don’t worry; paying is easy! Use a Teletalk reimbursed mobile number, bKash, or an online payment gateway. Just make sure your account has enough plutocrat, and check the image below for payment instructions. Follow these way, and you can fluently pay the figure and finish your online operation from home.

GST Admission

GST Primary Application

GST Primary operation is for everyone who can apply. It does n’t matter which education board you ’re from, whether it’s GSE, or if you have foreign instruments. Then’s how you can fill out the operation

  • Go to the admission Tell them about your SSC/ fellow and HSC/ fellow.
  • Check your details in the coming step.
  • Make sure everything is correct, also move to the coming step.
  • Partake some further information, like your phone number.
  • Finish the operation for the unit you want to apply to. That’s it!

GST Admit Card Download

To download your GST Admit Card for the Universities Integrated Admission Test 2024, visit the sanctioned The Guccho Admit Card Download starts from May 10, 2024, for B Units. Your Admit Card will have the Admission Test Date and Seat Plan information. The Center for your test will be assigned grounded on your preferences in the Final operation. Look for detailed guidelines about the Admission Test on your Admit Card. You can click then to download your Universities Integrated Admission Test Admit Card. The GST Seat Plan 2024 is also available for the B Unit Admission Test, listed for May 20, 2024, for the Humanities Group.

Seat Plan
The seat plan for the GST( General, Science, and Technology) Admission Test 2024 has beenannounced.However, you can find the seat plan on the sanctioned admission website, gstadmission, If you ’re in the Humanities Group and applying for the GST The Guccho C- unit admission test is listed for May 27.

For those applying to theA-Unit in the Science Group, the seat plans will be available before the admission test. The B Unit Seat Plan has formerly been published.

To check your assigned seat, visit the admission website for all the details. Flash back, you must take the admission test at the specific test center you named during the online operation. Changing the test center isn’t allowed. Stick to the center you chose during the operation process.

How to Find GST Admission Test Seat Plan?
To know where you ’ll be sitting for the Integrated Admission Test in 2024, follow these easy way online or through SMS

  • Go to website.
  • Click on the login options.
  • Log in using your operation ID and word.
  • Check your seat plan from the dashboard.

still, don’t worry, If you forget your operation ID and word. You can recover them by using the “ Recover Application ID/ word ” option on the website. Just give your HSC/ original test information, and you ’ll get your login details back.

GST Primary operation Result

Result for GST Primary operation 2024 is out moment, on August 25, 2024. still, you need to do one further thing – make a final operation, If you ’re eligible. Starting from September 1, 2024, you have until September 7, 2024, to complete this. When you make this final operation, you ’ll need to pay Tk. 1200 through mobile banking. It used to be 600 Taka. It’s important to do this on time because if you miss the deadline, you wo n’t be suitable to take the admission test. But do n’t worry, if you miss the first chance, there’s another occasion from the waiting list for the final admission operation. So, make sure to follow these dates and way for a smooth process.

How to find out the GST Admission Result?

To check the GST Admission Result for 2023- 24, follow these simple way on the University Integrated Admission System Website

  • Go to GST Admission System
  • Click on the “ Primary operation Result ” option.
  • Enter your HSC/ fellow Roll.
  • Choose your HSC/ fellow Education Board Name.
  • elect your HSC/ fellow Passing Time.
  • Press the “ Submit ” Button.

You can also view the GST Admission Result 2024 in PDF format on the website. campaigners can log in with their SSC and HSC information to check the Admission Primary Result, and the final result will be available in the same way. also, the Guccho Admission Result will be transferred via SMS to the named campaigners. Follow these way to fluently know your GST Result online.

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